Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dan Blather signing off

Looks like the poster boy for media bias is calling it a career. Full story here.

I don't know if the forged Bush National Guard documents had anything to do with it. Knowing CBS brass, I doubt it. I'd like to think it hastened his retirement, but I won't give the MSM that much credit.

I do disagree vehemently with the NY columnist who said "It must be frustrating for a guy like this who has spent 24 years doing this and building up his career to be tainted by an event that he didn't have control over." He had no control over it? For the love of Pete, he refused to do any verification at all, passed the buck to the producer, ferociously defended the clearly discredited forgeries, impugned his detractors instead of answering their allegations...and to this day, still maintains that the documents are real. And yet Rather was some sort of innocent bystander here?

If you want a littany of examples of Rather's biased reporting over the years, there's an e-shrine dedicated to such a littany: RatherBiased.com .