Friday, November 19, 2004

The Folklore of Election '04

From Neal Boortz:

The current issue of Time has a small piece entitled "The Folklore of Election '04". Frankly, I'm a bit surprised Time even printed this piece. It shatters some of the popular excuses offered by Democrats for their loss. Some examples:

  • Did those pesky Christians show up in overwhelming numbers to defeat the Godless Democrats? Nope. A Democratic pollster shows that the percentage of voters in 2004 who attend church regularly was 42%. That's exactly the same as the percentage who voted in 2000.

  • Was the election all about moral standards? Some 22% of voters cited morals as a reason for their vote. Iraq and terrorism were cited by 34% of the voters.

  • The election was stolen. How did Bush win those Florida counties where the majority of the voters are registered Democrats? Oops. It seems that those Florida counties have been voting for Republican presidents for decades.

Oh well ... I suppose the Democrats and the left will keep trying to come up with excuses. Anything is better than admitting that you were simply rejected by the American people.