Monday, November 29, 2004

Howard Dean...a "centrist"?

Boy, just when you thought liberals couldn't get any more condescending!

I have maintained that liberals get elected to statewide or national public office by distancing themselves from their liberal labels as much as possible. Why? Well, it's simple, one likes liberals. Even Southern and many Midwestern Democrats are proud Dems...they're just not liberals.

Well, Eleanor Clift proves my point. She thinks naming Howard Dean as DNC head honcho would be a good thing. She also realizes that Dean's a "screaming liberal" (literally and figuratively!), and that's why she would like to see him as DNC chief. She also is no idiot (unless you consider her ideology), so she knows that having an unabashed (or "outed") liberal as the leader of a party trying to run from the label...well, it's a recipe for Dems to lose even more seats.

That's why on The Mclaughlin Group, she made the side-splitting, guffaw-inducing assertion -- and with a straight face, no less! -- that Howard Dean is a "centrist"! Dean was ambivalent on whether it was truly a good thing that Saddam was deposed: "I suppose that's a good thing." Dean also found the theory "interesting" that Bush knew about 9/11 in advance. Sound like a "centrist" to you, or a certifiable left-wing nutbar?

When Pat Buchanan called Dean "radical", Clift fired back with this gem: "What you call radical, most of us call mainstream." Sorry, but I have yet to see the "mainstream" in red-faced rants and blood-curdling "EAAAAHHHHHHH!" screams. Clift's "mainstream" quote is further proof that liberals live detached from the real world and wouldn't know "mainstream" if it bit them in their posteriors.