Friday, November 26, 2004

More on the Ohio recount

Yes, the Ohio recount will soon be under way. While Kerry has kept a low profile and has sandbagged expectations of an overturning of results, he has no doubt not discouraged the peon third-party candidates from doing his dirty work.

Of course, this has triggered more than conspiracy theories. It has also triggered requested recounts in New Hampshire, and possibly Florida. Take it from this Floridian...there is no reason to think that 350,000 votes (Bush's margin of victory in FL) will be overcome by a single vote. Florida went from being the laughingstock of the world in 2000, to a model of how to properly administer an election. The optical scanner machines, and even the liberal-derided touch screen machines, are near flawless...and what individual cases of errors exist (almost exclusively human-induced), they certainly can't account for Kerry's convincing defeat here.

As for Ohio, I'm not sweating it in the slightest, especially since any recount results won't be released until after Ohio certifies the results. Seems stupid, sure, but that's what those attention-starving third-party guys want.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot. Full story here.