Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Liberals: "Kerry won! Vote fraud in FL and OH!"

I don't know why I didn't see this coming, but I didn't. Liberals are now swearing that Bush really didn't win FL or OH, due to a combination of equipment failure and voter fraud. Leave it to MSNBC (or as Rush calls it, PMSNBC) to try to run with it. Their problem is that even if their story were true, their audience is only about 13 people or their crap can't go too far! Story here.

Wasn't it Democrats in OH that were signing up voters like Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, and receiving pay in the form of crack cocaine? Wasn't it Democrats in Philly that had stuffed about 2,000 ballots in machines in Dem precincts before polls even opened? And those examples are just for this election!

Let's not forget the Dems' pitiful history of vote fraud! How about the election of 1960? Democrats in Illinois and Texas were (a) turning up prior "missing" ballot boxes, stuffed to the tune of about 90% Democrat ballots; and (b) sinking ballot boxes from Republican precincts to the bottom of lakes and rivers.

Or Election 2000? Liberal judges kept the polling sites open in St. Louis for two extra hours, before being overruled...but long enough to let more urban voters get a few thousand more votes in for Gore (didn't matter...he lost MO anyway). Homeless voters were bribed with packs of cigarettes in WI to go vote for Gore, and college students in Madison voted at several different precincts. The fact that you need a home address to vote notwithstanding, it worked...Gore squeaked out a 4,700 vote win in WI. Bush had won IA, until absentee ballots (which normally go about 2-1 Republican) were counted and handed Gore a 4,400 vote win in IA.

And let's not even mention that while Gore was so piously calling to count "every" vote, he had two ambulance chasers in FL working to do the opposite. Tallahassee shyster Mark Herron was working feverishly to disqualify military ballots from overseas, while Orlando huckster Harry Jacobs was trying to have about 20,000 predominantly-GOP votes disqualified in Seminole and Martin counties because of a clerical error by elections workers. No, Dems think it's quite alright to count votes by homeless, dead, multiple, or convicted felon types (not to mention pets), but they fight like hell to make sure legitimate votes (especially by servicemen whom they would like to command) are not counted!

So these damned hypocrites want to allege voter fraud? Not only are they dead wrong (since it would be hard to tamper with over 120,000 votes in OH and 300,000+ in FL that reflected Bush's winning margins), but they have a lot of gall!