Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Democrat Senators in denial, will still filibuster

Some idiots just don't get it. Story here.


The reporter told me that Reid and his colleagues see things very differently. They think that the election of the new Senators in the South has nothing to do with judges. They think that Daschle’s defeat also had little to do with judges.

They apparently believe that they lost all five contested seats in the South because these are “Red” States (States which the President carried in this past election) and these new Senators were just carried along with President Bush.

As to Daschle, South Dakota has a history of tossing out its Senators after three terms, plus, according to these Democrats, there were many local issues which contributed to the Daschle defeat.

I guess we could call this “Democrats in denial.”

They point to Democrat Senate losses this year as nothing more than "red state coattails." Interesting, when one considers that Bush won Colorado comfortably, but the Democrat Senate candidate Ken Salazar defeated Republican Pete Coors. Folks like new Senate Dem Dog in Charge Harry Reid must be asking themselves: "How could that be?" Kinda shoots the "red states coattails" theory to Hades, huh?

So go on, dumb#sses...keep obstructing judicial nominees. Some people are just too damned thick to understand what an electoral slap across the face is. Tommy Daschle learned the hard way. Who's next?