Friday, December 24, 2004

Fait accompli: WA guv race stolen

Dems did what Dems do best: vote fraud.

With the "newly" discovered ballots in liberal mecca Seattle, Democrat Christine Gregoire has had her minions mine enough votes to steal the election by 130 votes. Full story here.

The victim, true governor-elect Dino Rossi, is weighing his options. My guess is that there's nothing he can do in order to win now. He says that he's got sworn affidavits from about 250 or so of his supporters in the state (96 in King County) who had their votes rejected, and he'd like their votes to be considered (and recanvassed) using the exact same standards as were used in counting the "newly discovered" King County ballots (and the same standards that were "legislated" by the Washington Supreme Court).

The King County supervisor of elections says he will not consider the 96 in his county, because they've already been considered...and rejected. He rationalized that since the "new" ballots were never considered, those ballots could be considered. In other words, Republican Rossi's voters can be disenfranchised, but under no circumstances will Democrat Greogire's be.

The Secretary of State in WA says that once counties have cerified their vote counts, they cannot be "uncertified" or reconsidered. So you really have to hand it to the fraudmeisters of King County. Hold off until all other counties have recounted and certified, so you know how many you need to get your horse across the finish line without the other counties being able to correct their totals.

See, here's the kicker: all other counties have, in essence, locked away their vote totals. About 250 Rossi votes were discarded...for being incorrect in the exact same manner as the counted Seattle "new" ballots. In other words, ballots were not treated the same from county to county and precinct to precinct...a clear violation of Bush v. Gore!

So will Rossi fight for these votes to count, on the grounds that King County violated the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause (which was the primary basis for the ruling in Bush v. Gore)? If so, will the US Supreme Court get involved? They're usually loathe to get involved in a state squabble, specifically one where there's no federal office being challenged or sought. Only time will tell.

The one irrefutable fact is that while Gregoire nauseatingly reasserts her "This election is over" crap, she is incorrect. It is not over until Rossi concedes, or until the legal avenues have been explored and exhausted.

My prediction remains unchanged, though. Democrats have once again (Dailey in Chicago in 1960, Gore in Florida in 2000, Tim Johnson in South Dakota in 2002, etc.) proved that the GOP cannot hold a candle to them when it comes to electoral dishonesty, voting fraud, and commission of felonies in order to get their way.

Congrats, Malcolm X'ers: "By any means necessary"!