Saturday, December 18, 2004

Washington hand recount, down to the wire

So the Washington governor's race is down to one county: King County. King County is where Seattle and its leftist latte drinkers live. The Democrat, who trails by 50 votes in the entire state, is hoping that enough votes can be mined in King County to, SEAL...the election for her.

Kinda clever, when you think about it. King County is the LAST one to be counted. All of the rest are done. King County is one of only a couple of counties that the Democrat won, but she won it by 60% - 40%. I guess they figured that if all other counties were counted first, then they know how many votes they need to mine for in their last county.

If you want to see the vote totals, here they are: link

There's a link to look at county results, too. I could be wrong, but something tells me Seattle is going to pull this off for the Dem. We'll know by next Wednesday.