Monday, January 17, 2005

"See? B.S.!" back to its old tricks


CBS News turned over its entire "Face the Nation" broadcast on Sunday to inveterate Bush-basher Ted Kennedy, after refusing a White House request that they also include a Republican to rebut Kennedy's bloviations.

"The White House was happy to put Dan Bartlett or somebody else on that program and CBS said, 'Thank you, No,'" reported Brit Hume on "Fox News Sunday."

The CBS snub comes just a week after the network promised Bartlett, who recently moved from Communications Director to the White House counsel's job, that they'd stop skewing their coverage against the president.
According to Broadcasting & Cable, CBS News President Andrew Heyward traveled to D.C. and personally assured Bartlett that "neither CBS News nor [Dan] Rather had a vendetta against the White House."

"From here on out [CBS] would do everything it could to be fair and balanced,” he reportedly pledged.
Uh-huh...not allowing a rebuttal to a drunk, womanizing murderer is "fair and balanced", huh?