Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ted Kennedy and other liberals want us to lose in Iraq

From Neal Boortz:

Kennedy was telling us (again) yesterday that Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam. In making that statement there is not one bit of doubt in my mind that Ted Kennedy gave virtual aid and comfort to Islamic insurgents in Iraq and to Islamofascist terrorists around the world. There is no doubt in my mind that Kennedy's statement yesterday so encouraged and emboldened the insurgency in Iraq that American servicemen will die as a result. Ted Kennedy doesn't seem to be satisfied with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, he wants more .. or so it seems. If Ted Kennedy cut a notch in his bed for every death of an American serviceman or woman at the hands of an Iraqi insurgent encouraged by his remarks, and by leftist opposition to the liberation of the people of Iraq, he would be sleeping in sawdust.

Iraq is Bush's Vietnam? We lost in Vietnam. We ran. Is that the message Kennedy is sending here? Is that the solution he's calling for again? The media took a U.S. victory, the Tet offensive, and turned it into a rout of, not by the Americans. This actually seems to be what Kennedy wants ... what a lot of Democrats want. I truly believe that they actually want to see the United States leave Iraq with its tail between its legs. The Iraqi people? Who cares? The future of peace in the Middle East? Again, who cares? What is important to Democrats here .. what is more important than establishing a beachhead of peace in the most dangerous region of the world .. what is more important to the left is disgracing George Bush and disgracing the Republican Party so that they can return to their rightful position of dominance in Washington. Ted Kennedy and his sickening sycophants are actually willing, if not eager, to endanger every man woman and child in the United States -- to actually increase the threat level of another and probably more horrible terrorist attack on our soil -- if it means they can take back what they believe their birthright -- the right to rule the roost in Washington.

Nothing left for me to add to that.