Monday, January 17, 2005

What if Sunnis boycott Iraqi election?

I have an observation about this purported Sunni boycott of Iraqi elections. The left (along with Sunnis) think that if any segment of the Iraqi population boycott the upcoming Iraqi elections, then the resulting government would be illegitimate. Huh?

Do you know what I would give to ensure that liberals in America boycott future elections? Would anyone, save the MSM, think that if any segment of America refused by their own free will to vote in any of our elections, the results would be invalid? Uh, no...if I turn on the TV and see that Bush defeated Kerry 75% - 45%, I wouldn't think "Well, Bush hardly has a mandate! After all, the liberals stayed home!"

If people refuse to get involved in an election, they are subject to the rule of people they may despise. If you refuse to vote, you deserve whatever government you get.