Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dick Morris on the suicidal choice of "DNC Dean"

That's what I'm going to start calling Dean until he does/doesn't get the DNC chair...because I'm convinced he will get it. And I'm not the only one who is praying for that to happen!

Dick Morris, among others, weighs in on the downward (and leftward) spiral of the modern Democratic party. Some snippets are below, though his full column is here. Oh, yeah...the snippets:

WHEN the British ultra-liberals in the pre- Tony Blair Labor Party published their lengthy election manifesto in the late 1980s, the radical document so explicitly spelled out their defiance of English public opinion that a Tory politician called it "the longest suicide note in history." Now, in choosing their new national leader, the Democratic Party is publishing a much more succinct suicide note. It reads "Chairman Howard Dean."

There is a school of thought among Democrats that by embracing policies and programs deeply at variance with what most Americans think will enhance the party's electoral viability. It was such wisdom that led to the selection of doomed nominees like Walter Mondale, Mike Dukakis and John Kerry. It is only when the views of these crazies were repudiated — as with the nominations of JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton — that the party can win elections.


Here's how it work: When moderates and centrists embrace the GOP and President Bush, they leave the Democrats to the tender mercies of the liberals. The party is deprived of the ballast offered by swing voters, the party moves further and further to the left, driven by a Jacobin desire for revolutionary purity and revenge against those who urge pragmatism and point to the path to victory.


What kind of chairman will Dean make? He will probably be as bad for the party's prospects as Nancy Pelosi has been as Democratic leader in the House. He will dig a deeper and deeper hole for the party, alienating its moderate donors and holding it hostage to the likes of Michael Moore and the Hollywood left.
Morris goes on to talk about Hillary and her laughable attempt to make herself look moderate for 2008. But I wanted to focus on "Screamin' Dean" for this entry.

Dean said on Saturday night at a swank Manhattan hotel: "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for!" He also said, "We need to be people of conviction."

Yes, Howard, you do...but so many of your liberal brethren running for public office run away from the liberal label and their convictions! They should just come clean about their liberalism, and the truth shall set them free! After all, the truth set little Tommy Daschle free, didn't it?