Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Newspapers' circulation numbers in the crapper

One of the Mainstream Media's (MSM) major components in their daily efforts to push their leftist propaganda on the American citizenry is the use of daily newspapers. Well, they're losing that part of their battle on a geometrically increasing basis.

Newsday reports that the average drop over the last six months for daily newspapers (predominantly liberal, of course) is 1.9%. But the LA Times has seen their circulation tank by a whopping 6.5%, and an unbelievable 7.9% for Sunday!

Neal Boortz attributes much of the decline to (1) the availability of the same news stories (and in less biased presentations) on the Internet, and (2) the failure of government schools to properly educate kids on how to read and how to think (not what to think, but how). But he has some words of comfort for the MSM:
Newspapers do have a few things going for them....you can't line the bird cage with the Internet or wrap fish in a cable news channel.