Thursday, June 02, 2005

Turner: CNN focused too much on 'perverts'

CNN...the Clinton News Network...focuses too much on "perverts" such as Bill Clinton, by Ted Turner's own admission.

My God...I may have finally found something on which I agree with Ted "One World Government" Turner! Suddenly, I'm not feeling so well...

Turner went on to say "I wanted to be The New York Times of the airwaves. Not the New York Post, but The New York Times. And that's what we set out to do, and we did it." You sure did, Ted. The NYT is a left-wing media outlet with sagging ratings/subscriptions and decreased credibility (ever since the Jayson Blair and Rick Bragg fiascos, to say nothing of their own reporting). CNN became the TV version of the same thing. You must be proud!

Finally, Ted said he would like more international coverage and more environmental coverage. What an insightful way to lure viewers away from Fox News and back to CNN! Domestic news? Hell no! The public is just starving for the goings-on in Bulgaria and Portugal...not to mention the latest on the spotted owl or glacier melting. I can already hear the deluge of clicks of TV remote controls' channel changers back to CNN as we speak!