Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"Uh-huh-huh...Dumbass!" - Butthead

Why would I quote Butthead to start this post? Because the quote represents what we now know about John Kerry.

Kerry, it seems, had several D's at Yale. Bush had one. Kerry had a 76 average, while Bush had a 77. In other words, Bush performed better academically than Kerry did at around the exact same time.

Yet libs loved telling us how much smarter than Bush good ol' Jean-Francois Kerry was! Granted, grades are not a sole indicator, but if the left is consistent (and just when the hell is it?), they'll recall their constant deriding Bush's average academic performance in college...and thus they must think the same about Kerry, right?

By the way...word has it that Kerry served in Vietnam. Is this true?!?!? That's news to me! You'd figure that Kerry would have let us know that repeatedly during the campaign!