Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Periodic clarification

I will periodically publish this clarification, since (a) I occasionally get e-mail from liberals who don't read my profile to the right; and (b) this clarification will fall off this main page after a few days of posting.

The site is called "Crush Liberalism", and NOT "Crush Liberals", OK? Read this tidbit to the right, in my profile (underneath that ugly mug of mine):

Liberals are not evil; however, their ideology has proven to be a demonstrable failure and incredibly harmful when administered on the body politic.

As occasional or regular liberals to this site know, their input is always welcome. Be civil (though an occasional smart-#ss remark is welcome, especially if it's funny...I can appreciate good humor!). If you are some MoveOn or PETA moonbat, or otherwise are a paranoid #sshat devoid of logic and rely solely on invective, then you will likely get flamed and/or the very least, you will be publicly ridiculed. Thoughtful liberals are welcome to post their views anytime. Yes, there are thoughtful liberals, and I am fortunate to have a few of them who happen here from time to time. You guys (and gals) know who you are! :)

Also, please do not tell me about the history of liberalism. I know it well. I acknowledge that over the years in this country (and even worldwide), what is conservative today used to be liberal many moons ago, and vice versa. The terms I use here are assumed to be in today's accepted context and vernacular.

So, in summary, I'd like to say that my aim is to make modern American liberalism impotent in the arena of public policy (and clearly, I alone cannot do this). I could fill reams (uh-huh-huh...I said "ream"!) of paper that explain where modern American liberalism has failed miserably. Therefore, it is liberalism that I'm trying to neutralize and NOT liberals. Libs are people. I may find them wrong and misguided, but you'll be hard-pressed to find where I have ever advocated violence or anything remotely similar to it against a liberal. I think it was Sean Hannity who once said "Liberals can be wrong, but let them be wrong on the golf course, or at the dinner table", etc. Just don't let them be wrong while in public office.

Finally, because I am a libertarian, I do tilt right-of-center. Like my profile says, I'm not a conservative because I find both conservatism and liberalism to be ideologically inconsistent. If you like, I can tell you where I disagree with conservatives on a number of issues, votes, etc. A recent new visitor to the site (welcome, Lisa! Oops...I outed her! heheh!) describes herself as a "liberal libertarian", and I know what she means...I'm probably a libertarian with a small hint of conservative. Libertarians believe in small government with enumerated powers...unlike anarchists, who believe in no government at all.

All in all, I just have obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to the rule of law and abiding by (NOT reinventing) the Constitution. I also believe that all of us are entitled to life, liberty, and property and can only have those rights infringed upon by due process. The smaller the government is, the more free this nation's citizens are.

There. That's who I am, and that's what this site does.