Thursday, July 07, 2005

Predictably, the left blames the UK for terrorist attacks

I will post one and only one link to show I'm not bulsh#tting about this. Here.

I've read scores of other leftist accounts, but why (a) give them the time of day, or (b) belabor the point? The point: Liberals in general think today's Islamofascist terrorist attack in London is Britain being forced to lie in the bed she made.

I'm not even that angry that libs think that. For one thing, I saw it coming, though so did everyone I'm no soothsayer here. But really, I want them to make that assertion loud and proud, for all the world to see and hear. I want them to try to convince the world that Islamic terrorists would have left Britain alone had they just stayed out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and that immediate withdrawal from these countries will somehow send the message that Britain is not to be messed with! "Blow our innocent civilians up? We'll show you, by Allah! We'll run faster than you'll be able to catch us! And let that be a lesson to you, al Qaeda!" I'm sure Spain already has the blueprints for such an operation.

Let's see if the ever-influential moonbat wing of the Democratic Party drags the party down another knotch...BAM! I predict that Numbskull Pelosi, Scuba Boy Kennedy, Babs Boxer, and the Congressional Black Caucus will be peddling this crap like an Ab Lounge infomercial.

I'm inclined to believe that the Brits won't take this attack lying down. Time will tell if I'm wrong or not.