Thursday, August 25, 2005

Image problems

I received an e-mail from a moonbat asshat who thought that vile invective was an effective way to get me to see his/her/its point of view. I mentioned it in a prior post's comments. I've reflected on this, and I think that I've found the #1 underlying problem moonbats have had lately: their messengers.

The best candidate they offered last year to convince the American electorate to dump Bush and move in a different direction? John F'ing Kerry, an effete elitist northeastern liberal who actually did vote for stuff before he didn't.

The best person chosen to be the leader of their party? The unhinged, screaming, laughable Dr. Howard "Primal Scream" Dean, who goes to red states and insults God, guns, and Southern values.

The best person to get out their anti-war message? Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother who has shown herself to be a political opportunist, who doubts that Osama bin Laden slaughtered 3,000+ of her countrymen (see prior post), who has admitted to not wanting to meet the President for fear that her 15 minutes of fame will come to a screeching halt, who has been exposed as a liar on multiple occasions in what she did and did not say, and who public opinion polls now show is more unlikeable than likeable. Now, she's got David Duke and other neo-Nazi groups (on their way to Crawford now) in her corner...strange bedfellows! Yeah, that's gonna help the anti-war cause!

So call me names all you want to, moonbats. But I'm not the one with the image problem here, now am I?

To quote Van Helsing of Moonbattery: "Here we see the grieving Mother Sheehan, mourning yesterday at a Texas airport. You can easily see that no amount of adulation by the media can offset the grief that tears at her noble soul."