Friday, August 12, 2005

MSM assault on Hillary's NY Senate opponent

That didn't take long, did it? Hell, the election is over a year away, and this Pirro lady already has the unenviable task of taking on media darling Shrillary Clinton in a liberal state. You would think the MSM would have waited just a tad before coming out swinging, but apparently that's not the case.

From NewsMax:
District Attorney Jeanine Pirro was not a candidate for the Senate seat now held by Hillary Clinton for a full 24-hours before New York's notoriously liberal press launched a full-scale assault on her – and her husband.

Rather than focusing on the Westchester County district attorney's record as a tough prosecutor who has taken a strong stance against domestic violence, many media outlets focused their attention on the past indiscretions of her husband Albert.
Isn't that rich? The MSM is making it look like a sleazy shubby is an election liability, though God (insert pagan god or nature nymph here) knows it didn't stop the MSM from showering Her Highness with endorsements back in 2000, despite her lack of elected office experience.

Double standard? Nah...couldn't be! Unless we have "Ferraro Redux":
Some pundits have compared Pirro's situation to that of former Democratic Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for vice president, who was dogged by reports that her husband was being investigated for real estate improprieties.

At the time, the major media put a lid on allegations about Ferraro's husband, claiming a professional woman should not be judged by her husband's actions.

Apparently, that rule doesn't apply to Pirro.
As if the coverage hadn't been hypocritical enough:
  • Many media outlets, including the Times, ballyhooed the fact that Pirro has no photos of her husband on her Web site. The media did not mention that Hillary Clinton's Senate web site for years had no photos of her husband. Recently, one photo of her husband's tsunami relief work was added.

  • The Times quoted no independent conservative source on the reaction to Pirro's speech, but did give space to Denny Farrell, chairman of the state Democratic Party, who said the speech was "long on attacks and literally silent on specifics for New Yorkers."

  • The Associated Press devoted four of its first six paragraphs to Pirro's husband in its report covering her Wednesday speech.

  • CBS also got in on the bashing of Hillary Clinton's opponent. A column on referred to Pirro as a "hyper-ambitious publicity hound," and said she was "handicapped" by her husband's troubles. (Sounds like someone else running for a NY Senate race we know, huh? Talk about gall! - ed.)
  • As former Times editor and best-selling author (and Hillary critic extraordinaire) Ed Klein correctly noted, "Hillary's war room strategy is simple and effective: Put Pirro on the defensive from day one and keep her there." Yes, but Her Already Coronated has assistance from the Old Gray Hag and every other MSM outlet in the land. Klein continues:
    I predict that we will see story after story about the alleged mob connections of Pirro's husband. And you can be sure if there is any dirt on Jeanine, we will hear about it long and hard in the mainstream liberal media.

    On the other hand, I predict that the Times and the other media outlets will display a convenient amnesia about the ‘other man' in the race – Bill Clinton – and his impeachment, disbarment and public shame.

    Thus Jeanine Pirro will not only have to fight Hillary – she will have to fight the entire mainstream media. liberal media bias.

    Dick Morris thinks the attacks will backfire:
    But if Hillary's best shot against Jeanine is about Al Pirro and not Jeanine, then Hillary's in big trouble, because every time that Jeanine's husband and his problems are mentioned, Hillary's husband and his legal and women problems will be out there too.
    The MSM will run big-time interference for Clinton in order to preserve their agenda. Granted, they did the same for Kerry, and it didn't work. Maybe the new media can continue to drown out the old media and do the investigative work that the old media used to do. Who knows? Stay tuned!

    Personally, I don't see why Her Hatefulness is worried. NY is a reliable blue state, she's a media rock star, and her opponent is an unknown (Rick Lazio, anyone?). That Senate seat just cannot be won by any N.Y. Republican not named Rudy.