Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NYT got its marching orders / talking points from NARAL

I mentioned in a prior post that the Old Gray Hag was looking into digging up dirt on SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' adopted children. Well, it looks like that beacon of objectivity and journalistic integrity got its marching orders from one of its buddies: pro-abortion group NARAL. Details:
It was opposition research generated by pro-abortion group NARAL -- and distributed to Democratic operatives working against the Supreme Court nomination of Judge John Roberts -- that spurred these operatives to encourage reporters in Washington to look into the Roberts' adoption process.

"They [NARAL and other anti-Roberts groups] went into this with a laundry list of things, and the idea that given what was at stake nothing was out of bounds," says a Democratic lobbyist who is part of the Roberts fight. "That's why you saw that ridiculous Roberts-is-gay thing spinning through the blogosphere, and why you had serious reporters looking at the adoption issue."
It wasn't "serious reporters" looking into the adoption issue...it was the New York Times!

Funny, isn't it, that libs accuse talk radio of getting its talking points from the RNC...all while they swear to God (insert deity or druid or wood nymph here) that the MSM is not liberal and gets no talking points from the DNC or its allies?

Nope...no liberal media bias.