Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NARAL engages in massive lie-based smear campaign

Whether you oppose or support John Roberts' nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, I'd like to think that you don't get your talking points from dishonest pro-abortion group NARAL.

NARAL is running a TV ad that shows a 1998 Birmingham abortion clinic that had been firebombed. The ad accuses John Roberts of filing legal papers in support of the bomber. could he be that depraved? Well...he's not.

The problem with NARAL's "exposé" is that John Roberts signed the legal briefing they're distorting 7 years before the bombing. For those of you in blue states, it means that NARAL made up the story to lie about Roberts and paint him unflatteringly.

But don't take my word for it. Look at for the details. The brief that Roberts signed, and on which the NARAL ad is based, is from another matter entirely. It is dated April 11, years before Eric Rudolph bombed the Birmingham abortion clinic. "Furthermore, it is from a civil lawsuit brought by abortion clinics against protesters who were blockading the clinics. Bombing was not an issue."

Some liberals, like my friend Lisa Renee, are rightly outraged by NARAL's lies. Clearly, NARAL can't think about the long-term implications to their credibility by crying "wolf" today. (Sidebar: Lisa, I love your editorial on NARAL, but I respectfully disagree with your comparison to Swift Boat ads, which I found to be credible...another topic for another day! ;-) ).

But...CNN is gonna run the lying ad anyway, though they know it's been discredited. liberal media bias.