Monday, August 08, 2005

RIP Peter Jennings

I was going to wait to weigh in on Jennings' death, but I'll do it now.

First of all, I think he was as biased a reporter as they came. I think he allowed his personal views to come into his reporting, which seems to be rampant in the MSM these days.

Secondly, his lung cancer was a result of years of conscious choices: the next cigarette. I have no problems with smokers, especially since I smoked quite a few in college (it was the only thing I smoked in college!). Heck, a couple of my dear friends here are or have been smokers. But every smoker I know is aware of the health risks smoking poses. I throw no stones.

Having said this...

I mourn the death of Peter Jennings. I envy him in that he was able to work in a profession that he loved dearly, and had a passion for coming to work every day that few of us will ever be fortunate enough experience.

I also have seen first hand the downward spiral into which cancer throws people. I've had beloved family members and family friends succumb to cancer. Of all the diseases in the world, I feel that cancer is the most ruthless and vicious of them all. If I could eradicate only one disease, I wouldn't hesitate to pick cancer. Therefore, my heart goes out to the Jennings family for having to go through what they just did.

We all should share the same sentiments of mourning and compassion, and we should all pray for the Jennings family. Thankfully, his suffering is over, and he's probably in a world where he is pain-free for eternity.

God bless, PJ.