Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some people never learn

Well, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes, but hey...I'm from Tennessee, so cut me some slack! :-P

See, I had this post some time ago: link. It explains an Internet rule of etiquette known as Godwin's Law. Something about resorting to "So-and-so is like Hitler", etc. Basically for shock value, since the position is 99.99% of the time logically untenable. In short, once you've resorted to that line during the course of political discourse, you have proven yourself to be intellectually vacuous and incapable of logical debate. The proper course of action is to either ban or ignore the perpetrator.

Well, we had a perp. Some moonbat in Colorado named Steve Bremner, not to be confused with the conservative Steve who usually posts here. Anwho, Stevie B. got the newspaper-up, back-facing-forward treatment from me. I do not require anyone else to ignore him, but I do adivse it. ManicNole, Steve, etc., followed my lead, after trying fruitlessly to carry on a logical conversation with him.

Anyway, he re-emerged under a new name (as he did several times before), but this time, he got the best of yours truly (see opening paragraph for intellectual disclaimer!). I acknowledged him, not realizing it was him. Sure, I could have checked his URL, but didn't. I got lazy, forgetting that he was like a case of herpes...never completely gone.

So, I banned his IP. Sure, he can get another IP. And I'll ban that one. And the next one he gets. Et cetera. Folks, as all of you know (and my liberal friends Joshua, James, and Lisa Renee can attest to this), I don't censor here. You are free and encouraged to speak your mind, even in intense and passionate disagreement. But keep it civil. It's all I ask. Sarcasm is allowed (yeah, no kidding!) and encouraged, especially if done so humorously. Even paranoid moonbat ravings are allowed...hell, that adds to the fun, since we make fun of the poor asshat relentlessly! However, gratuitous references to Hiter, Taliban, etc., render you useless to the dialogue here.

Who says? I do. Now, on with the show...