Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shouldn't liberals SUPPORT the war on terror?

I've stated here and elsewhere that many (if not most) liberals are so seething with hatred of George W. Bush that they actually root for American failure in the war on terror, especially in Iraq. Well, apparently some liberals see the folly of that mindset and lay out why the war on terror should be a war that liberals should support. It doesn't have to do with patriotism, but with reasons seen in the excerpt below:
The jihadist campaign is not some generic explosion of terrorism, but rather a calculated attack on all that liberals hold dear: tolerance, diversity, women's rights, the fundamental freedoms and protections of democracy, even trade unionism. In short, liberal values. That's why the liberal left makes a profound mistake if it concedes this war to George W. Bush and the right.
Hat tip to my friend Lisa Renee at Liberal Common Sense, who posted her thoughts on this and thus brought it to my attention.

Here's guessing that most liberals will reject this advice out of their insatiable quest to see Bush suffer a political defeat, even if it means victory to the bloodthirsty savages who want them (and all of us) dead.

Sidebar: I do find it ironic that the column came from the DLC magazine, since the DLC fancies itself to be a group of "centrist" Democrats, yet the column seems to be a rallying cry for liberals. After all, DLC Democrats run from the label "liberal" as fast as Ted Kennedy running from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting! Be that as it may, I find the column to be incredibly thoughful and well-written. Read it,'s short.