Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bitter Rather decries "new journalism order"

I wonder if he means the new standard of journalism whereby the MSM's liberal bias is countered by alternative sources giving the electorate all information and not just the parts that they (the MSM) want you to see?

Perhaps Rather laments the new standard (which used to be the original standard) of actually (gasp!) doing real investigative reporting, instead of the rampant lazy reporting we see today in the liberal MSM. Such "tricks of the trade" not likely taught in journalism schools (but introduced once the naive journo grad hits the newsroom) include the following: reporting hearsay as fact, not investigating facts, making up sources and interviews, using clearly forged documents from partisan hacks, etc.

Or maybe, just maybe...Rather's just a bitter old has-been whose career is now defined not by the excellence it may have once represented, but by the unabashed partisanship and incompetence it reflected at the end before he was pressured out of CBS.

Oh, yeah...Rather's sob-fest is here.