Monday, September 19, 2005

Some gems from Billybob Clinton

Some of Billybob Clinton's recent quotes, making their rounds on the wire today, are a hoot.

Demonstrating how keenly aware he is of current events, Billybob had this to say about New Orleans evacuation planning (or lack thereof):
"You can't have an emergency plan that works if it only affects middle class people and up. . . . If we really wanted to do it right, we would have had lots of buses lined up to take them out and also lots of empty vans."
Lots of empty buses, kinda like...these?

Billybob gives a compelling reason for Hillary not to pledge to serve out her full second Senate term:
"For figures that are large figures in their parties who honestly don't know and can't know this early whether they're going to run [for president] . . . I don't think they should make commitments," Clinton told NBC's "Meet the Press.".
Hey, if anyone knows about hedging on vows (such as his marital vows, his 1990 vow to finish out his term as Arkansas governor, his vows in January of 1993 and 1997 to defend the country and uphold the Constitution, etc.), it would be Bubba.

Should we engage the terrorist groups of the world? Bubba thinks "You bet!":
Antendees at the Clinton Global Initiative were told on Friday that terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas should be "engaged" by the world's peace loving nations - even if their members persist in trying to destroy Israel and America.
He must have read that Boston Globe column advocating negotiating with al Qaeda. Great minds think alike, eh?

President Bush has rewarded Bubba with a prominent role in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, and what thanks does he get? Bubba blasts Bush's economic policies as racially divisive and asserts that New Orleans' black population was right not to trust him. Now that mentality is helpful during relief efforts, isn't it?

Particularly galling that a disgraced, impeached, and disbarred philanderer has the temerity to break a couple of centuries of presidential protocol by not criticizing successors while they're still in office, wouldn't you say? Bush the Elder made a similar observation a couple of years ago, when he noted angrily that "God knows there are a lot of things I could throw back on that man (Clinton)! Out of respect for the office, I refrain." Such a respect for the office has never existed within Billybob, who viewed himself as bigger than the office.

Can we drop this "new tone" business now, Mr. President?