Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Now it's the federal government's job to collect bodies?

Wow...the scope of things that the federal government is supposed to do just gets bigger and bigger, doesn't it? From the AP:
The updated Louisiana death toll was released as Gov. Kathleen Blanco lashed out at the federal government, accusing it of moving too slowly in recovering the bodies. The dead "deserve more respect than they have received," she said.

However, Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman David Passey said the state asked to take over body recovery last week. "The collection of bodies is not normally a FEMA responsibility," he said.
So the incompetent Democrat governor blames the feds for NOT moving fast enough to collect the bodies...that...the STATE is supposed to be collecting? I mean, how did that transpire?

Guv: Can we take over body collection?

Feds: Well, OK.

Guv: Thanks...(pause)...the feds are not moving quickly enough to recover bodies!

Must be Bush's fault.

Interestingly, the story begins as one that mentions the reprehensible (and criminal) behavior of these Louisiana nursing home owners who left the frail and helpless elderly to fend for themselves in a Category 4 hurricane. They are being charged for the deaths of 34 patients, and by God, they should be charged!

However, the story goes all over the map after that, especially with more "blame game" crap.