Monday, September 12, 2005

Roberts, hearings...begins today

The hearings ought to be a hoot, especially since the Senate Democrats have received their marching orders from the shameless MoveOn, NARAL, and DailyKos groups.

I wonder if Leahy, Teddy K., and other libs on the Senate Judiciary Committee plan to ask Roberts the question that is on the minds of all libs:

"Are you queer?"

OK, Uncle Chappaquiddick has a different take:
"What the American people have seen is this incredible disparity in which those people who had cars and money got out, and those people who were impoverished died," Kennedy said. The question for Roberts, he said, is whether he stands for "a fairer, more just nation" or will he use "narrow, stingy interpretations of the law to frustrate progress."
You morbidly obese drunk louse! A Supreme Court Justice's job isn't to guarantee "a fairer, more just" nation or to advance or inhibit your perverted view of "progress"! It's to interpret the Constitution as it is written! If you want to force your sick brand of public policy on the electorate, then by God (insert Marxist ideologue here), vote on it yourself! That's the role of legislators, NOT the courts!

Also, his first sentence is spoken like a true class-envy socialist. One could interpret the same sentence thusly: "It would have been preferable for an equal number of rich and/or middle-income Gulf residents to have croaked in the hurricane. We here on the left are all about equality of outcome! Not enough well-off folks died for my liking, and we need investigations to see how we can remedy that tragedy for the next natural disaster!"

These people believe it is better than everyone be equally miserable, equally destitute, and equally enslaved to their god of government than for there to exist a disparity between producers and non-producers, between individualists and groupthinkers, between the independent and the wholly dependent.

I keep forgetting: Why do they keep losing again?