Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One less moonbat to worry about

Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be rational.

An old high school acquaintance of mine is a paranoid liberal conspiracy theorist type, but has always been pretty good about never making comments personal. Well, until yesterday.

See, she has a LiveJournal site (that I won't link to) where she rants about, among other things, how her life sucks and how Bush sucks. Her site, so whatever. Anyway, I was invited to the site, and invited to "feel free to ignore" her "Katrina response is Bush's fault" rants. Well, I said I would contribute, so long as comments weren't made personal. I felt assured they would not be.

Long story short, she became (more) unhinged when I had the temerity to infer that state and local officials were more to blame for the response, and when I pointed out her irrational and contradictory positions. For those unspeakable offenses, I was told that by voting for Bush, who "butchered 2000" people (funny, I thought it was Islamic terrorists who did that!), I had blood on my hands. I guess that puts me in dubious company with the other 51% of the country who also voted for Bush.

Blood on my hands? Sounds like it just got personal. So much for the "liberals are tolerant" myth, huh?

Anyway, I prefer to associate with people who aren't complete miserable losers, who don't find reasons to blame life for their own pisspoor choices (and while we ALL have our fair share of those, my God (insert Pagan deity here), did she have a boatload!), and who are maybe a tad bit more respectful of dissenting views. I strive for the latter here (sarcastic retorts notwithstanding...it's not personal), and when I fail, please bring it to my attention. Unlike liberals, I actually try not to be hypocritical and try to rectify things if I have been.

Anyway, quite a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, now that I have rid myself of excess baggage. Hmmmm..."rid myself of excess baggage"? Sounds like a bowel movement! Well, I guess in a way, it was...I removed the crap from myself and feel better! HAHAHAHAHA! Now there's an image I'm sure you fine folks wanted to see! ;)

OK...now back to our regularly scheduled programming.