Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tom DeLay not crazy after all?

Someone brought to my attention this gem, after reading my piece yesterday regarding Tom DeLay's "we've cut all the fat we can cut" statement. It seems that the possibility exists that DeLay was being facetious. From El Rushbo:
You understand what DeLay is doing here? The key sentence here is, "My answer to those that want to offset the spending is, sure, bring me the offsets, I'll be glad to do it, but nobody's been able to come up with any yet." Meaning, "Hey, you want to offset some of this Katrina spending with budget cuts, I'm all for it, but nobody is getting any ideas to me. Not one member of Congress is willing to do without their pork." This is my interpretation. DeLay didn't say this.

But early on in this program I suggested if you really want to find a quick cash infusion for Hurricane Katrina relief, go to the transportation bill, the highway bill, there's like $25 billion of pork in that bill. Over 6,000 projects. Go tell Congressman Blowhard to give up the bridge that's being built to nowhere in Alaska. Go get these guys to give this back, but none of them are doing it. DeLay says, "Well, I guess we're running at peak efficiency, there's nothing to cut out there, why, if we can't cut any more, why, I guess this is as thin as we're going to get."
Interesting angle. I hope Rush is right, because if he's not, then DeLay looks like he's off his rocker for issuing such a preposterous (if he's serious) proclamation.