Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The family drunk that won't leave

No, this isn't about Ted Kennedy. This is about how I do things around here.

See the title? I picked it. See the heading? I picked it. See the picture and description in the right frame? All mine. In short, this is my world. If you don't like it, go get your own.

See, I like it when moonbats flitter in from time to time. It's pretty fun to wreck their worldview and bring them discomfort by pointing out the ignorance and inconsistencies of their views. It's fun for them to put their hilarious paranoia on display. However, just as Bill Clinton eventually got tired of Gennifer Flowers (and scores of others), I eventually get tired of the same rantings. I'll leave the money on the dresser and be on my way.

These twits refuse to follow simple requests. When requested to read something that may "tip their apple cart", they don't. Instead, they post links to discredited (if even heard of) moonbat blogs to try to bolster their weak arguments, paranoid conspiracy theories, and other asshat ravings. Once it becomes apparent that trying to reason with them is as effective as Ted Bundy's victims having tried to reason with him, I give up trying. That's when I toss them faster than a discarded Clinton mistress.

A friend asked me via e-mail "Why would you ban them? It gives them the impression they've won!" Well, I respond, like I give a wet fart on a dry January Monday what they think! If thinking they "won" gets them through the night until their next Thorazine dosage in the morning, more power to them. I guarantee you that I don't lose a lick of sleep over it. Considering that liberal loons win scarcely anything these days, why deprive them of their perceived "victory"?

So where does the "family drunk" come in? Well, we all have someone in our family or circle of friends who simply can't take a hint and hangs around in a drunken stupor when they're no longer welcome. When you finally throw them out, they're too incoherent to take the hint and try coming back. You toss them again, and they come back again. They continually waste their time trying to inject themselves where they're no longer wanted, failing to see that no one is paying attention to them beyond the act of throwing them out. More often than not, they realize that they're wasting their time and what pitiful shell of a life they have...and move on.

Well, Fred and other moonbats are the "family drunk" here. I've decided to clean my house of the sociopaths that are incapable of intelligent thought. Media Matters, MoveOn, Code Pink, "two stolen elections", George Soros, Michael Moore...that kind of stuff just isn't welcome, because it's all bogus bullshit. If moonbats want to delude themselves into believing that claptrap, they're more than welcome to do so. It just won't be here.

So, feel free to post, moonbats, because your drivel is just going to get deleted, and you're just going to get banned. When you come in under a friend's, relative's, gay lover's, or whomever's ISP, that one will get banned and deleted, too. It likely won't even get read much (if at all), because Haloscan lets me see who's posted and their IP address. I won't respond, your post gets deleted, you get banned...in short, you are ignored like Bill Clinton ignored terrorism. If you have so little of a life that you try coming back in, that's just sad...and too damned bad, because you will still be removed, you pathetic pseudostalkers.

To my liberal friends with whom I often (if not mostly) disagree, such as James and Joshua and Honest Partisan (and Lisa Renee, though we often agree more times than not)...you are welcome here because you at least keep the debate polite, civil, and even rational. I like your contributions here, even when we passionately disagree (and even use sarcasm, which is welcome). Disagreement is as welcome as agreement, as my friends here can attest to, since we've at times disagreed on contentious issues (Terri Schiavo, death penalty, etc.).

In closing, don't come into my house and complain about the house rules. Get your own house if you don't like the rules of mine. The rules are pretty simple: keep it civil, and be thoughtful. Should you ignore those rules, I will likely respond in kind, before losing interest in you like Bill lost interest in Hillary in the 1970's.