Monday, October 17, 2005

A word about the Sponsor links on this site

No, this isn't a solicitation to click on the links. OK, I's a slight solicitation! :-)

Actually, this is an explanation. Notice in the Sponsors section in the right frame (towards righthand center of the page)? The ads are powered by Google's AdSense. Basically, it means that when I post something on this page, a content-sensitive ad gets displayed in that section by paid advertisers. Notice that the ads are usually about 80% - 90% left-wing. Obviously, I'm not a lefty, but if I post something that says "Al Franken sucks", the AdSense "spiders" pick up "Al Franken" and put in ads that are leftist (and sometimes as crazy as Franken) in nature.

You wanna piss these people off? Click on their links, which (a) costs them money and (b) has a portion of their ad money go into MY pocket! See, if you click their link, go to their site, and not buy any of their crap...I still get some change thrown at me just because you showed up! Beautiful, eh? (Sorry...I got Canadian on you!)

Anyway, don't click on a link if you don't want to. I'm just glad to have you guys (and gals) here! But I figured I'd explain the dynamics of the machine, anyway.