Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tax reform commission fails America

The President assembled former career politicians and current academics to assess possible tax reform solutions in America. As evidenced by the roaring success of The Fair Tax book by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder (it's been #1 on the NYT Bestseller List), we Americans are hungry for meaningful tax reform.

The current system is in shambles, hopelessly beyond repair, and needn't be tinkered with any more. It's years of tinkering that have led to mass confusion, billions of dollars of lost time and productivity, and countless efforts at evasion and fraud. The President recognized this, and decided to appoint a panel with three recommendations, all of which the panel failed miserably in addressing:

1. simplify Federal tax laws to reduce the costs and administrative burdens of compliance with such laws; (FAILED...barely addressed)

2. share the burdens and benefits of the Federal tax structure in an appropriately progressive manner while recognizing the importance of homeownership and charity in American society; and (FAILED)

3. promote long-run economic growth and job creation, and better encourage work effort, saving, and investment, so as to strengthen the competitiveness of the United States in the global marketplace. (FAILED...barely addressed)

They telegraphed their intent early on, when they said they wouldn't consider wholesale reform, but instead would propose incremental changes. Such changes over they years have led to tens of thousands of pages of complex (and sometimes contradictory) tax laws.

Flat tax? Nope. Flatter tax? Nah. Fair Tax? In your dreams! No, instead they advocated reducing home mortgage interest deductibility, as well as employers being able to deduct all amounts they contribute towards your health care. In other words, a tax increase on certain homeowners (oh, goody...the "rich"!) and businesses (oh, goody...the "rich"!). Yes, the esteemed geniuses (or genii?) debated, deliberated, and pondered as hard as their pea-brains were capable and came up increases?? Somehow, I missed where tax increases on "the rich" and "businesses" increases home ownership and charitable contributions, simplifies the tax system and reduces administrative costs, or especially provides economic growth and job-creation!

I'm madder than Barney Frank having lost his favorite buttplug! This has renewed my commitment to get as many people I know to contact their Congressional representatives and raise holy Hell on these lobbyist-seduced elitist gravy-trainers! Contact your House member today, and contact the President, too! Tell them to get off their duff and support the Fair Tax (which is HB 25), or at the very least, a new tax reform that won't be guilty of dereliction of duty!