Monday, November 07, 2005

Chirac fiddles as Paris burns

It must suck more than usual to live in Gay Paree these days:

How do the French propose dealing with these Muslim thugs?

A Socialist opposition leader, Francois Hollande, said his party would closely watch to make sure the curfew law is applied properly.

"This law cannot be applied everywhere, and it cannot be long-lasting," Hollande said. He said Villepin should have put more emphasis on improving life in tough neighborhoods and said the premier's proposals were vague.

Villepin said he wanted to speed up a $35.5 billion urban redevelopment plan, triple the number of merit scholarships for talented students and offer jobs, training or internships to disadvantaged young people.

"We must offer them hope and a future," he said.
Do I really need to add anything to that? OK, I will: the Saudi 9/11 hijackers were predominantly from middle-class to upper-class homes, educations, and backgrounds. Sure, Pierre...great idea. They need more money to stop blowing up us infidels!

Considering that France has prided itself on its "good relations" with Muslims, and considering that we're seeing where that's getting them, someone tell me again: why should we listen to the Euros when it comes to being "tolerant" and "understanding" of Islamofascism?

Also, considering that the left has gotten giddy in telling us that since Islamofascism isn't a "state" but a nameless and faceless entity (and thus our "bombs won't do any good" against them), then surely these same leftists see the inherent problem that Chirac and the French face:

To whom are they supposed to surrender?