Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hillary heckled by moonbats...a good thing?

A friend of mine shared her thoughts on Hillary being harassed by the anti-war CodePink moonbat coalition. She said "Personally, I think it [the heckling] was all a set up to make Hildy look more 'right.' I mean, think about it. There’s no question the pinkos are going to vote for Hildebeast….regardless of her fake 'pro-war' stance."

Michelle shares her sentiments:
Hillary Clinton is seeing pink. Code Pink. The unruly group of far-left female apologists for tyranny around the world, most infamous for prancing around in pastel lingerie to protest President Bush and the war on terror, has now launched a nationwide campaign against the New York senator because of her opposition to immediate troop withdrawals from Iraq.

But don't weep for Hillary.

Code Pink is the group that championed military deserters, cheered Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, traipsed around the Jordan-Iraq border last year condemning America, prayed for the "people of Fallujah," doled out $600,000 in aid to what they called "the other side" and is planning a New Year's vacation to Cuba in solidarity with the Castro regime. Sen. Clinton couldn't have wished for a better Christmas present than having these loony peaceniks barking about her faux moderate makeover. 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, here she comes! If she doesn't trip on the way to her Senate re-election bid and the unhinged-dominated Democratic primaries, that is. (Two words, Hill: Skip. Iowa.)
Looks like the Hildabitch is smarter than even she thought of herself!