Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It must be a stolen election

Listening to Democrats, you'd think that they never really lose elections. No, whenever they appear to lose an election, they are absolutely convinced that there must have been vote fraud involved. After all, the electorate surely wouldn't reject their big government defeatist and cynical agenda, now would we?

Well, pass the Alka Selzter and the tinfoil hats, because here's guessing that the Dems are going to get worked into another lather. From the AP:
A recount Wednesday upheld Republican Bob McDonnell's narrow victory for attorney general in the closest statewide election in modern Virginia history.

Democrat Creigh Deeds demanded the recount after the State Board of Elections certified McDonnell the winner by just 323 votes out of more than 1.9 million cast in the Nov. 8 election — a margin of 0.0166 of a percentage point.
It must be Diebold's fault...or, at the very least, Bushitlerove McRummyburton's doing!

You would think that Dems, aka the Glass House Party, wouldn't level accusations of vote fraud against anyone considering their shameful history:

* 1960 Kennedy over Nixon. Illinois and Texas ballot fraud, proudly admitted by unions and abetted by the Daley machine in Chicago. Heavily GOP districts had ballot boxes disapeear and later found at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

* 2000, multiple cases. Gore bribing homeless with cigs in WI, college students multiple voting in WI, a liberal judge keeping polls open in urban St. Louis where people voted multiple times, Gore getting ambulance chasers to squelch FL military votes while piously calling to "count every vote", etc.; Maria Cantwell "finding" enough votes in heavily liberal Seattle after seeing how many votes Slade Gorton had through the rest of the state and eking out a narrow win.

* 2002, Tim Johnson over John Thune. Thune goes to bed with a serviceable 1500 - 2000 vote lead, then the last remaining county (which didn't get counted until 10:00 a.m. the next day) gave Johnson a whopping 92% of their vote, and a 524-vote win. Thune, being no Al Gore, conceded. Dead Indians, lawyers intimidating rural SD voters, a fired Dem worker who had manufactured absentee ballot signatures, etc., all assured that Thune would get shafted. Karma turned out to be a real bitch for the left, though, as Thune deposed the bigger fish Tom Dasshole a mere two years later.

* 2004, multiple cases. In WI, Dem workers slashed tired of vans used for GOP vote bussing, not to mention at least 1200 known cases of invalid addresses used by Dems (story here). Democrook Christine Gregoire lost the vote and the recount to Dino Rossi in the WA governor's race. As luck would have it, previously "undiscovered" ballots were "suddenly found" in liberal stronghold Seattle. These heretofore unknown ballots had made it through a count and recount before magically appearing. Surprise, surprise...Rossi loses the state by 120 votes.

There are scores of other examples on national, state, and local levels where Dems cheat to win. I'd document more of them, but I need to get to bed to get ready for work, so my paycheck can be pilfered and given to a welfare brood queen in Detroit. In closing, I'll just say this: The Glass House Party needs to hide its stone collection, wouldn't you say?