Thursday, December 22, 2005

Saddam: "U.S. Denials of Torture Are 'Lies'"

From the AP:
Saddam Hussein insisted again Thursday that he had been beaten by his American captors, denouncing Washington's denials as "lies" and mocking President Bush's claim that Baghdad had chemical weapons.
On Wednesday Saddam told the court he'd been beaten "everywhere" on his body and insisted the marks were still there. He did not display any marks.
At least Saddam has allies in American government. After all, his claims of Americans torturing have been parroted by Dick Durbin, right?

Also, Saddam says that just because he doesn't have any marks on his body does not mean that his claim is untrue. After all, no one has proven his claim is untrue, right? Hmmm...this sounds an awful lot like the CBS Memogate defense, doesn't it?