Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dems love a good loser

Today's Democrats fawn all over past losers like Jimmah "At Least I Won My Own State" Carter, George "I Only Won One State" McGovern, Al "I Can't Win My Own State" Gore, etc. Well, with that kind of track record, it's not unsurprising that ousted Senate Democrat Leader Tom Daschle is harboring delusions of grandeur. From the leftwing Brit rag The Guardian:
Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is hoping to save incumbent Democrats from his own fate, giving away $230,000 in campaign cash to vulnerable members of his party. He may also be thinking about his own future.

A spokesman said Thursday that Daschle, who lost a 2004 bid for re-election in South Dakota but has not ruled out a run for president in 2008, raised the money last year for Democrats in Congress.

Former Daschle campaign manager Steve Hildebrand also said Daschle will give a speech in the politically pivotal state of Iowa next month. This will be his second trip to the state since he left Congress. Daschle is also scheduled to speak in California and New York this month.

"It certainly raises speculation by folks about his future, but he remains in a position at this time that he does not intend to run but doesn't rule it out," said Hildebrand.
He doesn't "intend" on running. Shrillary said that in 2000 about a NY Senate seat...before running for (and winning) it. She was able to Clintonesquely state "At the time, I didn't intend on it. I was convinced later." Maybe Dasshole is leaning the same way?

Considering that Daschle couldn't win a state that he brought a ton of bacon home for, it's pretty safe to say that Daschle would be doomed in his party's primary, much less a general election. Then again, never underestimate the stupidity level of the DNC.