Friday, January 06, 2006

NYT to be prosecuted?

What's taking so damned long then? From NewsMax:
The New York Times reporters who broke the Bush "Spygate" story, as well as the paper's top executives who approved its publication, face the very real prospect of criminal indictment by the Bush Justice Department - a lawyer involved in the 1971 Pentagon Papers battle is warning.

With a full-blown Justice Department investigation now underway, Harvey Silvergate tells the Boston Phoenix: "A variety of federal statutes, from the Espionage Act on down, give Bush ample means to prosecute the Times reporters who got the scoop, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau."

Silvergate represented several parties in the Pentagon Papers litigation, a first amendment battle royale that pitted the Nixon administration against the Times, the Boston Globe and the Washington Post 35 years ago. The Watergate scandal's rising tide, however, swamped then-Attorney General John Mitchell, prompting him to abandon plans to prosecute the three papers.

This time, says Silvergate, the White House and the Old Gray Lady appear to be on an unavoidable collision course.
If the White House would do the right thing and indict the Old Gray Hag, then I would like to ask the Hag: "Ain't karma a bitch? Just ask Dan Rather!"