Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gun control laws in action

Former D.C. mayor and video crack-smoking star (and current tax evader) Marion Barry was recently gunpoint. Behold:
Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry reportedly was robbed inside his home by youths who had volunteered to carry his groceries.

"It's quite an experience to have a pistol pointed in your face," said Barry, who is now a city council member, reports The Washington Post. A police spokesman said the department is investigating the complaint.

Barry told a local television station he gave the youths left after he gave them a couple of dollars. But they returned and pointed a gun to his head and took his wallet, which contained cash and credit cards, Barry said.
I'm flabbergasted. I mean, D.C. has some of the strictest gun control laws in the free world, so how could this have happened? You mean to tell me that criminals have no respect for gun control laws?

That's it...this means war! D.C. is going to have to pass a law that bans all crime, and that forces all D.C. residents to obey the law! Hey, drastic times call for drastic measures, right? I'm sure criminals will be discouraged once such a groundbreaking law takes effect, and take their lawlessness where it's more welcome...say maybe Detroit?

"Hey, Dawg...let's go rob the Sack-and-Suds! Oh, wait...damn, that new law just passed! So much for THAT idea! Oh, well, let's head for the Motor City!"

Why didn't the elected officials of D.C. think of that before? Banning all crime will surely be as effective as (if not more so than) restricting Second Amendment rights, huh?