Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Moonbats: WV miners deserve to die?

It hasn't happened...yet...but I wonder when the Kos Kiddies and other moonbats will rejoice in the deaths of the WV coal miners who just died?

Think about it. These moonbats rejoiced when Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, since those were red state "inbred rednecks", right? Since they voted for Bush, they deserved to die. Someone told them that New Orleans is 80% Democrat, so they changed their tune to feel bad for Big Easy residents...but no one else. Voting patterns determine compassion levels, I suppose. Notice that red state America didn't think that way when New York and DC were attacked on 9/11?

Well, logically extending that perverted line of thinking, I guess it's safe to conclude that these same dimwits (who, by the way, control the Democratic Party) are probably glad that those bucktoothed, Skoal-dippin', goathumpin', environment-rapin', red state hayseeds have died.

Also, just as the moonbats blamed Bush for the hurricanes (like if he could create/control hurricanes, he'd level his constituents), they're already blaming him for the WV mining disaster (see "level his constituents"). Hat tip to Van Helsing at

"Screw 'em!" Hey, that's their words, not mine! And the Dems are bought and paid for by these kooks.