Monday, January 23, 2006

Jimmah: "Hamas isn't so bad!"

Hat tip to Van Helsing at Moonbattery for this tidbit from the former Prez:
Former President Jimmy Carter says he's encouraged by the participation of Hamas in next week's Palestinian elections because the terrorist organization has political integrity.

Carter told CNN that Hamas may consist of "so-called terrorists," but added "there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials."

Carter conceded that some in Hamas "deny Israel's right to exist," but defended the group's legitimacy as a political party.
Van Helsing has pictures of some of the vile acts committed by the "so-called" terrorists. I guess the victims are really "so-called victims." Well, you know, Hitler killed six million Jews, but there was no evidence he was corrupt! Nothing says "I'm legit!" more than killing your opposition, right?

(Sidebar: this is not a violation of Godwin's Law, since I'm using the Hitler analogy to illustrate the absurdity of Carter's statement and to compare Hamas, not Jimmah, to Der Fuhrer!)

Adding additional insight into his moonbat mind:
He drew an additional comparison with Menachem Begin's rise to Israel's premiership in the seventies. "The Irgun, to which Begin belonged, was also characterized as a terrorist organization," he noted.
Wow...Begin was a terrorist?

Considering that this asshat was once the President, the fact that this country is still around is proof that (a) America is the most resilient country in the history of the world, and (b) there is a God!