Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another "See, I Told You So" moment

In less than a week, no less! :-)

Sam Alito was confirmed to the SCOTUS yesterday by a party-line 58-42 vote, with one RINO defect (Lincoln Chaffee, up for re-election in a blue state) and four Democrat defects. We knew the three Democrats for sure: Tim Johnson (SD), Robert Byrd (WV), and Ben Nelson (NE). All three are up for re-election in '06 or '08 in red states.

Recall from a past post when I said "Don't be stunned if a couple of other vulnerable red staters (like Byron Dorgan of North Dakota or Bill Nelson of Florida) jump on the bandwagon"?

Well, I had the right red state but the wrong Democrat. It was Kent Conrad of North Dakota, and not Byron Dorgan. Conrad is up for re-election this year, though no one knows if the ND GOP can field a candidate capable of pulling a Daschle-like ejection. Bill Nelson of FL isn't popular at all, but if his opponent is Katherine Harris, his road to re-election may be smoother that it would have been.

Anyway, I'm just tooting my own horn big whoop! :-)