Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kyoto's biggest violators implore US to do what they refuse to do themselves

AP Headline: "A year on, Kyoto climate backers urge US action." However, read into the article itself:
Backers of the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol renewed their pleas to the United States on Thursday to do more to fight global warming, even though their own records are patchy in the year since the pact went into force.
Good enough for thee, but not for me, eh? Continuing:
President George W. Bush pulled out of Kyoto in 2001, saying it would cost U.S. jobs and wrongly excluded developing nations from an overall goal of cutting industrialized nations' emissions by 5.2 percent below 1990 levels by 2008-12.
Bush pulled out of Kyoto? The U.S. never ratified the damned treaty to begin with, since the Senate rejected the economic suicide pact in 1997 by a vote of 95-0. For those of you on the left, (a) the Senate is needed to ratify treaties, and (b) 95-0 means that the Kyoto rejection was bipartisan AND unanimous.

So Bush got the Senate to nullify a treaty while he was governor of Texas? Wow...and you liberals thought he was an idiot! THAT is brilliance! Continuing:
U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases, released mainly by burning fossil fuels, were about 16 percent above 1990 levels in 2004. But Kyoto signatories Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Canada are all doing even worse.
If Kyoto is so damned great, let the loudest yappers lead by example. I know, poetic rhetoric should suffice in lieu of action for non-Western countries, but work with me here, people! Finally:
Some experts say Bush's plan lacks a spur to force industry to cut down and say that markets for trading carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, are the best way to encourage cuts.

In the European Union, carbon dioxide in a market for industrial pollution allowances traded at 26.9 euros ($31.96) per tonne, reflecting growing belief in the scheme, and up from about 7 euros a year ago.
Markets? Instead of governments? Why, that's just crazy talk!