Friday, February 03, 2006

MSM's newfound respect for religion

Just not the most politically incorrect religion of all: Christianity.

"Danes Face Fury Over Cartoons of Prophet" screams a Brit fishwrap's headline. Apparently, some cartoons were drawn in a Danish newspaper and Muslims got their turbans in a bunch. Some publications have shown the cartoons, but most haven't. Those that have shown them have seen people fired or forced to resign. It's safe to say, though, that losing your job is preferable to losing your head.

The terrorist organization Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades have threatened (what else?) terrorism on Europeans in the Palestinian areas if they don't leave. As if tourists or humanitarians there were the ones responsible for wounding their inner jihadists?

The shameful response from the Muslim world isn't unexpected. Alas, neither is the reaction of the P.C. MSM. From CNN:
Muslims consider it sacrilegious to produce a likeness of the Prophet Mohammad. CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam.
Consider the following:

  • Billionaire Ted referred to Christian employees as "Jesus freaks" and Christianity as "a religion for losers";

  • CNN gladly ran a segment with artwork considered relatively blasphemous;

  • CNN aired (and showed) a segment on a work of "art" that depicted the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung;

  • CNN didn't worry about offending those who believe in Christ by showing a magazine cover depicting deranged "George Bush hates black people" rapper Kanye West in a "Passion of the Christ"-type picture.

    Considering all of these, one must wonder where this new respect for religion came from.

    In other words, showing images or uttering words that may denigrate the P.I. religion of Christianity is "just reporting the news", while showing images or uttering words that may offend Muslim sensibilities is "disrespectful." Thanks for clearing that up, CNN.

    CNN isn't alone, by any stretch. NBC, who brought us "The Book of Daniel" (while telling Christians to shove it), has also professed their intent to not offend Muslims. Reporter Dawna Friesen did a segment on the furor over the Mohammed cartoons, "which we've chosen not to show."

    My point is not that I want the MSM to be sensitive to Christians. I couldn't possibly care any less than I already do about that. If God has a problem with these idiots for their behavior, I'm pretty sure He can deal with them without my help. No, my point is that the same MSM that doesn't care if they offend one religion (the P.I. religion of Christianity) definitely cares about offending other religions...specifically, Islam.

    This hypocrisy means that either (a) they're letting their leftist and P.C. bias taint their reporting (yeah, like that never happens!); or (b) they recognize that Christians aren't the ones routinely blowing up buses and buildings and businesses, sawing "infidel" heads off, or otherwise threatening lives. Maybe the MSM coverage isn't so much about bias as it is about fear of being the next victim of that "peace-loving" religion known as Islam. Whether bias or paranoia, the MSM is continuing its abdication of journalistic responsibilities.

    Finally, Dr. Sanity writes the following:
    The very first time we allowed the adherents of a medieval and primitive religion to believe that their feelings about that religion trump all the values of western civiliztion; the minute we began to apologize for our successes and make excuses--or even blame ourselves--for their failures; we were bound to come to this place...(the Highway to Hell. - Ed.)