Monday, March 06, 2006

"Chocolate" Mayor: Primary opponents "don't look like us"

Not content with the humiliation caused by his SNL-skit-inspiring "Chocolate City" comments, Ray "School Bus" Nagin decided to one-up himself. From NewsMax:
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is playing the race card in his bid for re-election, reminding black audiences that his white opponents "don't look like us."

Appearing Saturday before the NAACP's Family & Technology Center in Houston, Nagin noted that 23 candidates had entered the mayoral fray before the registration deadline last week.

"Very few of them look like us," he told the audience of about 200, whom the Houston Chronicle described as "almost totally black."

Nagin was in Houston to encourage displaced Katrina evacuees to cast their absentee ballots for him.
What did some of the locals in attendance think of Mayor Chocolate? Hint: his "peeps" don't seem to be "down with" the thought of another Nagin term.
Some refugees, however, made it clear they still harbor resentments for the way he botched evacuation efforts.

"You waited until it was too late. The mandatory evacuation was too late and there were people who drowned," said evacuee Eugene Jefferson, who the Chronicle described as "emotional and tearful."

"Now you want us to vote for you?" Jefferson huffed.

Among the candidates opposing Nagin is Louisiana Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu, brother of Sen. Mary Landrieu - who once threatened to punch anyone who criticized the performance of local officials in the Katrina disaster.
Guess I can forget about that trip to Louisiana, lest Mary open up a can of whoopass on me!