Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lease fleece, especially Dem perps' perks!

Say that five times real fast! :-) From NewsMax:
When it comes to socking taxpayers with the tab for a leased car, Rep. Mike Ross is the most expensive member of Congress – the Arkansas Democrat’s Ford Expedition costs $1,248 a month.
...and Rep. Dennis Cardoza, a Democrat from California, spends $1,227 on a Chevrolet truck.

Two Democrats from New York ride in style. Rep. Gregory Meeks’ Lexus costs $1,062 a month, and Rep. Charles Rangel tools around in a $998-a-month Cadillac DeVille.
Hold on a minute! Aren't the Dems the ones who are for the "little guy" in this country? Or has Charlie Rangel and his ilk earned the right, via years of oppression by Th' Man, to drive whatever vehicle he wants on the taxpayer dole? "Good enough for me, but not for thee", eh?

The Republicans are not exempt, either:
Rep. Howard McKeon, Republican from California, is close behind – his Acura costs $1,231 a month.
But some congressmen don’t use any public funds allotted to their budget to pay for a car, and members of the Senate are forbidden to do so.
The Senate is prohibited, but the House isn't? Well, heck, why would a House member want to aspire to be a Senator? Sure, the paycheck is higher, but it sounds like the bennies of being a House leech are out of this world!