Saturday, April 08, 2006

Anti-Bush science teacher shows anti-Bush video in class

First, we had a geography teacher in his Colorado classroom comparing Bush to Hitler, etc. Now, we have an 8th grade science teacher in Alabama (who just so happens to be a Democratic candidate for the Alabama House of Representatives) also using his classroom to indoctrinate his kids in an unrelated area. More:
Christy Jackson does not want a teacher showing her 13-year-old son a video calling the president of the United States an a—hole during class. Nor does she believe her son should be shown Internet videos — which are barred to students by school system controls —that use obscenities.

But that is what West Limestone High School eighth grade science teacher Steve White, a Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat on the House of Representatives, is accused of doing.

“My son and a group of his friends were talking about this video they had seen in school,” Jackson said. “One of the other student’s mother saw the video and she forwarded it to me. I saw it and I became livid.”
Maybe you think that Bush is indeed an #sshole. Many times, I sure as hell do (see bloated spending, illegal immigration, failure to veto, etc.). However, only a moonbat would think that a junior high science class is an appropriate venue to show kids a video about Bush (or anyone else for that matter) where an obscenity is used.

I mean, utter the word "God" in school, and watch the ACLU show up faster than Bill Clinton at a topless bar on two-for-one night! Drop an A-bomb when talking about Bushrove McHitlerburton, and the left is quieter than the Clintons' hooneymoon night!

Will anything happen to this guy? Well, considering this happened in deeply red Alabama, I'd be surprised if nothing happened to him. But will he lose his job? If he's in the NEA union, I highly doubt it. However, I'm not even sure he should lose his job, so long as he gets the message that in this information age we live in, this kind of sh#t can't be gotten away with anymore.