Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Plumbers union bullies developers to let them install pipes for waterless urinals

You just have to hand it to those legalized racketeering agencies known as unions, don't you? From Philly station NBC 10:
A plumber's union and the developer of a new Philadelphia skyscraper have apparently come to an agreement on the issue of waterless urinals.

Today, the two groups proposed to the city that waterless urinals be installed in the Comcast Center as part of a five-year pilot program with twice-a-year inspections.

Liberty Property Trust, the skyscraper's developer, says Local 690 was concerned about the performance, maintenance and safety of the no-flush urinals. Liberty hopes a joint proposal with the union would prompt city regulators to approve the use of these urinals.
Oh, so that's it? The plumber's union's main beef wasn't being jipped out of work, but was instead "concern about the performance, maintenance and safety" of the urinals? How cynical of me to think that this was nothing more than behavior typical of the unions: they want the most amount of compensation possible for the least amount of work they can get away with performing!

I mean, waterless urinals! By definition, they don't use pipes, ergo no plumbing. So the unions are mad that they won't get paid they...did not perform?

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the union. After all, the developer is the one who caved. Were I the head honcho of said developer, I would have told the plumbers union to stick a PVC pipe up their dip tubes, if you get my drift. Now that is something I would pay them to do! LOL!