Monday, April 24, 2006

Earth Day daddy's girl: "High gas prices are cool!"

From the online fishwrap in Detroit (aka New Fallujah):
The daughter of the founder of Earth Day says she doesn't think gasoline prices are too high.

Tia Nelson, the daughter of former U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, said "we pay less for a gallon of gas than anywhere else in the world. And if we paid what the Europeans paid we'd wouldn't be driving vehicles that got 12 miles a gallon."

She said that if there's a silver lining in the higher gas prices, it's that people are driving less and companies are being forced to think about being more efficient.
Wrong, earthmuffin...people are not driving less. Therein lies the rub with you greenie weenies:

We've been told for a couple of decades now (especially in Gore's eco-nut manifesto Earth in the Balance) that if gas prices went up, people would use less gas...which would be a good thing. Therefore, rising gas prices would be good.

Interesting, then, that liberals are among those who are complaining about high oil prices! I mean, the libs tell us how the prices are due to Bush, evil oil execs, etc. Now that the left has the panacea that they have wanted (i.e. high gas prices), they're complaining? Why? They wanted high prices, and now that they have them, they're bitching about it? I guess this whole "pay through the nose for gas and watch people use less" idea, like all other leftist ideas, just didn't quite work out the way they envisioned, did it?

At least not all libs are bellyaching. Daddy's little treehugger above has at least been honest about her happiness in the high prices. Those leftists who are calling for a "windfall profits" tax, such as Durbin the Turban and Helmethead Dorgan, aren't being quite so genuine.